These curriculum ideas and resources were developed by a range of CST schools, and are provided free of charge. Please make a donation to CST should you wish to use them and have the financial ability to do so.

Starters – Christian Curriculum Perspectives

‘Starters’ are, as their name suggests, intended to help teachers start thinking biblically about their subjects.  On the whole, they are brief papers with some basic foundational thinking.

Aims and Introduction
Starters Contents Page
Truth-Way-Life Lesson Plan
A – G
H – M
O -Z


November Twilight Session Resources 2021

4th November
Christ-Centred Curriculum by Mary Dunlop

Principles Behind the Curriculum of Classical Christian Education by Hayley & Tom Bowen
The King Alfred School

10th November
MFL Teaching: Undoing Babel? Why & How to Teach Languages by Carol Jackman
(Documents TBC)

11th November
Covenant Christian Curriculum by Roger Slack
Covenant Christian School Curriculum Policy

Conveying the Character of God by Bev Kelly
Mannafields CFR Heart Concepts – Bev Kelly
Character of God Curriculim Outline – Bev Kelly

18th November 2021
Helping parents to Teach their Children at Home
Cedars Prospectus 2021

Growing in Wisdom, Stature & Favour by Heather Bowden & Dawn Vardy
The Kings Sch Southampton Senior Heart Concept
TKS Southampton Stature_ 7Cs.pptx